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Marvel at Marvel's The Avengers

Still buzzing...

Exactly a moth ago, I watched the blockbuster hit, The Avengers.  Some of my friends who I met a couple of hours ago has not seen it yet.  Yes, I know!  It's a shame!  Is it still shown in movie houses?  It's still buzzing.  Anyway, I told them that as a precursor to the release of the DVD, they should read this blog entry of mine of what I thought about the movie.

A fan of superheroes.  Who isn't?

I am not a fan of comic books.  I can only recall Pik Pak Bum and Nik Nok in Funny Comics (i.e., Filipino publication in the 80's).  The super heroes I am quite familiar with are all members of the Justice League.  Wait, yes I know one Marvel super hero.  Your friendly neighborhood, Spiderman!  Who else?  Uhmmm...

I knew Dr. Bruce Banner and The Hulk from the American TV show in the 70's with the famous line "Don't make me angry.  You wouldn't like me when I am angry.".  My aunt would not miss an episode.  And because theirs is the only television at home, my sister and I are forced to watch all of those imported shows including The Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman.  I knew Captain America from a cartoon show also in the 70's.  I knew Thor from Norse Mythology which we brushed through in High School while studying Greek Mythology.  I was introduced to Iron Man some years ago from the movies.  I don't know Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Yes, I am talking about the band of super heroes who joined forces in saving the planet from alien invasion.  So when the much-talked about movie started showing 25 April 2012, here in Manila, I have to watch it.  I went to my favorite movie house at the Shang Cineplex in Shangri-la Mall in Mandaluyong City.  I went there 4 hours earlier to get sure tickets for the last full show.  But all the seats were sold out!  I therefore, decided to get tickets for the next day's last full show in 3D.

Feast for the eyes.

Marvel's The Avengers is a feast for the eyes.  The computer graphics and animations are impeccable.  The panoramic view of the city of New York while it is being destroyed in the second half of the movie is great as a backdrop for the battle between the alien army and the "band of freaks" as what one S.H.I.E.L.D. "council" member said.  The lightning whenever Thor raises his hammer, the transformation of the hulk, the altercation among Iron Man, Thor and Captain America in the forest, the fight between Thor and The Hulk in the aircraft headquarters, the change of the tanker ship into an aircraft, the tesseract, and the vortex in the sky are all candy for the eyes.  Sweet and delicious!

Entertaining, indeed!

Aside form the marvelous graphics and animations, the other thing I like about the movie is the unexpected humor in some of the dialogues and scenes.  I have two favorite funny scenes.  The first funny  scene is when The Hulk punched Thor.  It's reminiscent of Tom and Jerry, Sylvester and Tweety Bird, and the Roadrunner and the Cayote.  Very funny!  The second hilarious scene is between Loki and The Hulk.  Loki said, "I am a god.".  Then The Hulk grab Loki's feet and banged Loki several times on the floor.  Loki is left embedded on the floor looking dumb and paralyzed.  Kids on the row behind me are laughing really hard.  Some dialogues are also funny.  The most funny lines are from Stark.  His Shakespeare impression and about the "shawarma" at the end do merit some chuckles. Oh, and there's Thor.  It is so hilarious when he told everyone that Loki is "adopted".

The plot of the story is actually simple - an inferior and somewhat insecure antagonist wanted validation.   In his quest for affirmation, others were affected.  The protagonist will have to correct his ways.  Of course, the treatment of the plot is on a grander scale because the inferior and insecure antagonist is actually a powerful "god" with alien armies, the people affected by his self-gratifying quest are earthlings, and the protagonist is a band of super heroes with equally amazing super powers.  It is nothing you already seen or heard of.  There's not even any noteworthy twist to speak of.

There is no spectacular acting.  I do however, like the character of Black Widow and her style of extracting information from her targets.  So I could say that Scarlett Johansson's portrayal of Black Widow is the most remarkable.  Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man is hilarious and totally engaging.  Chris Evans as Captain America is somewhat lukewarm for me.  I find his expressions are more perplexed than resolved.  Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye is a shoo-in.  His face looks sinister that's why he can get away as a villain.  I didn't get much of Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner.  He looks nerdy, yes, but his portrayal is more unsettled than fearful of becoming The Hulk.  All I see of Chris Hemsworth as Thor is a blank expression.  I can't see any emotion maybe because he plays a god who is over and beyond human emotions.  The effect is that I can only appreciate him when he is fighting which most likely are more animation than the actors acting.  Samuel L. Jackson in most parts as Nick Fury as expected did great.  I do tend however, to criticize Jackson in some parts as overacting.

Overall, the movie is a lot entertaining.  I would recommend people to watch it.  I wish however, that the movie is rated PG 13.  I saw some 7 year olds and some kids whose age are definitely not over 10 in the theater.  The violence and the high action in the movie I believe is suited only for teenage kids with parental guidance.   Other than this, I'd say, watch the movie!

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  1. Ruffalo gave the The Hulk a character boost, for sure.