Thursday, May 3, 2012

Be a Loser!

You have probably heard this a thousand times - "You are beautiful, inside and out!".  It is a true blessing to be surrounded by people who love you no matter what.

I am now 40 pounds heavier than my ideal weight.  Yes, I am fat.  I've got the bulging belly to prove it.  The truth is I have been struggling with my weight for quite some time now.   I have trouble sleeping and at times it's difficult for me to breathe.  Allergies.  I don't exercise and procrastinate in going to the gym.  I know, it's terrible.

I work at home.  So, imagine me spending the night in front of the computer.  I sleep late around 4 am and wake up late around 11 am.  It's lunch time already, breakfast no more.  I check my emails, facebook, twitter, tumblr, wordpress, blogger, ebay, and other web sites.  By the time I made all my updates, it's already 3pm.  Haven't taken lunch yet.  So, I drink lots of soya milk and munch on some cookies.  That's lunch.  Go back to the computer while watching TV.  Pathetic!  Pathetic!  It's 5pm already.  I prepare to head out for the business district to meet up my better half and have dinner.  Humongous dinner.  Head home and back to the computer.   The cycle continues the next day...

There's no need to tell me.  Yes, I am like a living dead... a fat zombie.  I have to change... I have to change!... I have to change!!!  Could that be any louder?

Okay, this will be my journey.  Help me out.  I just weighed and the number is 176 pounds.  My height is 5'6", so my ideal weight is about 135 to 142 pounds.  (Is this correct?)  Anyway, I plan to lose weight... like seriously.  I NEED TO LOSE 40 POUNDS!  Are you with me?  This is for health reasons.  I think I am "borderline" hypertensive already.  My blood sugar levels aren't looking good, too.  Therefore, my motivation is to be healthier.  I need this.

I'll keep a journal of my progress here.  First things first.   I need to come up with the game plan.   Okay.  I'll write that up and post it here.  I need you to help me on this.  Alright?

I shall keep you posted.  Yes, I know, I am beautiful, inside and out even if I am fat.  But, it would be so much better to be beautiful and healthy!!!, don't you think?  I need to lose... lose some weight!

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