Saturday, March 17, 2012

Things Happen For A Reason.

Always... always, hope for the best!

When tragedy strikes in the most unexpected time, sometimes, our beliefs are shaken.  We often question.  Anger brews in our guts.  A feeling of helplessness prevails.  But if we think hard, ponder on the situation at hand, we evidently see that life has its ups and downs.  That even though it’s topsy-turvy now, sooner or later things will fall in their right places again.

Although the road may be rough, there’s this one place we can all seek refuge.  It’s that small window in our mind that flashes blessings we have been given, opportunities we have taken advantage of, happy moments we have shared with our loved ones, goals we have successfully accomplished, dreams we have reached, and LIFE so far, WELL LIVED!  It’s the image of our Creator telling us no burden is too heavy if we just REACH OUT!…

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