Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Let's Say Thank You! Let's Be Grateful!

I was reading some magazines and saw one interior design article that featured furnitures from a well-known Filipino furniture design artist, and paintings from Ivan Acuna.  Hey, wait!  I have one authentic Ivan Acuna painting...

(Limited Edition, 157/300, 2011)

My sister won the grand prize in their Christmas party raffle, roughly 3 months ago.  Because she works for a big multinational company, the prize isn’t your ordinary grand prize item.  It is a unique and limited edition of a painting from the renowned and acclaimed Filipino abstract expressionist, Ivan Acuna, complete with a certificate of authenticity.  Wow!  At first, she didn’t exactly know what to do with it.  So, I asked her to give it to me for free.  LOL.  She said, “I don’t think so. I’d like to hold on to it.  I might jinx my luck this coming year.”.  I said, “nonsense”!

Another friend of mine had the same fate.  I learned from her wall posts in Facebook that she won 2 grand prizes (i.e., laptop and digital SLR camera) from raffles in two separate Christmas parties and some minor prizes from other parties.  She had the best luck!  I was saddened however, that she was questioning these gifts.  She thought that she should brace herself for the bad things to come that would even out these blessings.  I thought to myself, “nonsense”.

Why do we do these to ourselves?  How come we are not comfortable with wealth and successes?  Blessings come our way because “we deserve them”!  The only proper thing to do is to be grateful.  Say, “thank you”.  That’s it!  No apocalyptic event shall come your way just because you were blessed with so much.  Didn’t it cross your mind that these gifts could be “rewards” for the good things you’ve done?  Also, what you do with your blessings (like giving away that gorgeous and valuable painting to me… ha-ha-ha) would not mar your future successes.  I believe that in order for us to receive wealth and success, we should be comfortable with them.  Remember, we deserve wealth and success!…

(I got the painting! I traded it with some stuff she can’t refuse.  LOL.)

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